EGGS – Coco’s Birthday!

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Casafé Christmas Party!

We had another great Christmas party here at Casafé this year! We started off with crazy games, a few of which were: a coke drinking challenge with a tiny straw, drinking gatorade and doing the bottle challenge, and eating spaghetti like Elf – syrup and marshmallow included! We had small gifts for the youth, Ice cream, Pizza for dinner and a talent show to finish the night off. It was organized chaos, but we all had a lot of fun!!


This year for Christmas we focused on the verse in Mark 10:45, where it says that Jesus did not come to be served but to serve, and give his life as a ransom for many. 
We talked about the greatest gift of all: Jesus, and how he offers us Salvation. He came to live and to die for us. We also talked about how He is our example and we must seek opportunities to serve others too. And how this season is a great time to practice that. 

May God bless you this Christmas season! May you remember the greatest gift of all: Jesus; and may you find ways to serve as He did! 

Many Blessings and Merry Christmas from Casafé!!! 

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Thanks Benders!

Kevin and Michelle Bender, and their two boys Braeden and Ashton, have been serving with Casafé for the last 6 months. They helped faithfully every Wednesday with a variety of things, their time in Jacó came to an end this month and we have had to say goodbye to them.

It was really neat to have the Benders serve at Casafé together as a family unit. It was a great example to the youth of a healthy family stucture.

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 11.53.02 AM

The Benders filled many helpful roles at Casafé, some of which were: Official Casafé Barrista, Ping Pong Pro, Dish Washer, birthday cake maker Official Pastery Chef, Kitchen Clean-up Crew, Wii Initiators, Mini Movie Maker (Teck Guy), Bible Study Small Group Crowd Controllers, Tico-Style Mop Janitor, Prayer Team and some others…that don’t have titles.  Pretty much, they were really helpful in many different practical ways!  🙂

Thanks so much for your help and support to the ministry of Casafe in this season!

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Thank You Rodney!

Rodney and Laura Andrew and their 3 kids, have been serving as missionaries here in Jacó for the last few years. During these years Rodney has been serving faithfully at Casafé on a weekly/biweekly basis. This month we had to say goodbye to them as they moved back to the US.

Rondey led devotionals, surfed with the youth, built relationships with them and discipled them both at Casafé and outside of Casafé. Rondey had great patience with the youth here and always had a passion to share the gopel with them any time he could!

Thank you Rodney (and family) for giving of your time, energy and service to bless the youth through the ministry of Casafé! You have been a huge support to Casafé and you will be missed. May God bless you all in this new season of your life!




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Today we had our first day open specifically for the youth that are 15 years old or older. We have found that because of the big age range (12-20) the older you get bored and don’t want to hang out with the little guys. They lose interest, and we lose their attendance. So we decided to have an afternoon open for just the older ones.

We have similar activities- free time and Bible Study – just like on Wednesdays with the whole crew. But we’ve added a light dinner too – which is much easier to do with a smaller group and the older youth. And is always a great way of building community!

We are having different people from the local Church – Iglesia Radical – teach the Bible Study (on rotation) going through the gospel of John. This is a great way to keep the connection stong between Casafé and the local Church – which is always our goal – to introduce the youth to body of Christ and get them plugged in, and a part of, the greater Chriatan community!

We am excited for all that God has in store for this time with these youth. Please pray for us as we go forward with this – empowering, discipling, and building community with these youth in this dark place.

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Brick Project

A big thanks to everyone who helped provide for this project!

We were able to get all the bricks in and the wall painted white.

Here is a little video to show you the work!

A big thanks also to Adrian and his cousin for laying the bricks, and to Braeden Bender for putting this video together!


(Any extra funds donated are going towards the mural we will get painted on the wall.)


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4 bap

Iglesia Radica (Radical Church) had a time of fellowship and baptisms at the beach in front of Casafe a few weeks ago. Four of the youth that have been involved with Casafé got baptized! It is so great to see the youth growing and walking in what the Lord has for them!

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Buy a Brick!

Hey! Do you want to “Buy a Brick” for Casafé?

In the spring we got this awesome roof put up in front of Casafé with the help of a short-term team! It has been a huge blessings as it creates more dry and shady space to use with the youth.


We had to take out the vegetation that was growing alongside the wall. We never completely finished this part of the project. Just this week we finally got a gutter put up to keep the water out of that area. But we also want to fill in the area with paving stones and paint the wall.


To fund this project in a creative way, we want to give you the opportunity to be involved! You can sponsor a brick and we will write your name on it! 1 brick = $1! You could buy one or two or more! We need 350 in total. It will not only cover the cost of the brick, but also paint for the wall and a pipe for the downspout.
If you would like to support Casafé in this way you can comment below, or send an email, and let us know how many bricks you would like to provide!
Thanks for your consideration!  

You can go to the Giving page to donate.

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Thanks Becky!

This month we had to say goodbye to Becky Bell (and her family) who has served faithfully at Casafé as our English class teacher for a little over 3 years! Becky always came up with creative classes for the youth that were interesting and interactive, and not only taught the youth English, but also incorporated teaching the Word and life skills. Starting the class with a Bible verse and teaching on a topic of either cooking, geography, money management, or nutrition the youth received more than an English class – they received a mini Bible study and life skills teaching too!

Thank you Becky for your faithfulness, patience and consistency. And thank you for your genuine care, many prayers and support for the youth and the ministry of Casafé! We will miss you, but are so thankful for all you have invested in Casafé!


One of the first English Classes Becky taught in 2015.


A FULL class!


Teaching on Money!


Starting the class with a Bible verse.


Our last time with Becky.

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New volunteers at Casafé – the Benders!

Kevin and Michelle Bender have been helping at Casafé for a few months now. They come on Wednesdays and help out with the free time and Bible study, and they bring their two boys, Braeden and Ashton, who get along really well with the rest of the youth. (It has also been a great opportunity for them to work on their Spanish and the rest of the youth to practice their English!)

They have also helped with other things for Casafé, such as setting up a new program for attendance and making a couple short videos. Originally from Canada, the Benders moved down here for the year, and we are thankful for their help and support!

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 1.04.32 PM



Also, the Benders make clean-up go really fast after the youth leave for the day! 🙂

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