Dreams come True: Casafé

A few years ago while I was working at my dad’s shop God planted a seed of a vision to start a youth centre in Jacó. I was trying to make an extra buck before heading back to CR and I was just thinking about Jacó and dreaming of what the Lord had in store for it. I thought about how great and needed it would be to have a fun, safe place where youth could come and find refuge from the worldly pressures and be discipled in life and in the Word at the same time.

Little did I know that God would bring this into fruition – how He wanted it.

As I began to share my vision to start this centre people encourage me to go for it. I started praying and planning and God opened up the door for me to start a Youth Ministry House. Instead of a centre he provided a house and spoke to me that this must be focused on going deeper with the youth and not wider.

The Lord gave me someone to help me kick this thing off, my roommate Emily. And He told me to follow Him and trust him for provision in every area. He gave me the name Casafé – which is just putting the works house and faith together like “housefaith.” (But it sounds way cooler in Spanish!) He was showing me that this must be a house of faith. As faith is the foundation of our faith and we must have faith in God every day as we walk with Him through every situations we find ourselves in – the easy ones and the difficult ones  – which is exactly what we want to instil in the youth.

Casafé Beach House


So, here we are. Emily and I live in this house by the beach ministering to youth of Jacó through Youth Trainings, Bible Study, surf sessions, tutoring, hosting Youth Group; and soon to be offered: guitar classes, computer classes, study hour, english classes and more!

We work closely with the local church, plugging the youth we work with into a christian body and working with the youth that are already plugged in – inviting them to what we have to offer  and going deeper with them!

There is such a great community of believers that have helped us get things going! We had a mission team help us paint and fix up the house. We have had people drop off supplies and snacks. We have had other donate, and pray over Casafé. It is so cool to see what God has done through Casafé in just a few short months!

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