Leni at Casafé

Leni, from Germany, volunteered with Casafé for 3 weeks! She helped out with English classes, youth training, and many other things around the house. She was also involved with another ministry here in Jacó serving with them.

Leni, Emily, Krissia, and I :)

Leni, Emily, Krissia, and I 🙂

I believe you cannot give what you don’t have. If you are not growing in your walk spiritually, how can you disciple others to grow in theirs. When we have people come here to volunteer, my first goal for them is that they grow deeper in their walk with the Lord. I always pray that God would do a transforming work in every person that comes to Casafé – volunteers included! It was really neat to see Leni grow in her walk with the Lord as she was serving here.
Thanks Leni for coming and being open to what God has for you!

If you want to read what Leni had to write about her time at Casafé click here!

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