Ownership:: A Cleanup Day at Casafé!

The boys wanted to surf at 6am because that is when the tide was good. We usually don’t have people over after 10am in the morning, but sometimes there are exceptions. I told them they could come over at 6 am if they would help me clean up the yard after! They agreed! I told them I would make coffee, and they said they would bring the bread!


Coffee time! ! :)

Coffee time! ! 🙂

After we surfed in the morning, we had Coffee that I made and the bread they brought! Then we had a little Devo time and prayed before we got to work. One of them said that we should pray around the circle, so instead of just one person praying, we all did! It was so cool to hear the prayers of the youth. They prayed Thanking God for all his blessings, they prayed for Emily and I, and they prayed for others that have poured into their lives. Their prayers are so open and raw – I love it: “God thanks for the waves. God, you know we are a little bit selfish in the water, it is just because we like to get good waves!” And they prayed for Casafé and that it would not sell!* I love these guys and I love to see how much they are growing in the Lord!


They cleaned up the Patio area…

Cut the grass..

Cut the grass..


...ninja style...

…ninja style!

Sharpened my machete..

Sharpened my machete..

To trim the trees!

…to trim the trees!

A little turn at the weed-eater to learn!

A little turn at the weed-eater to learn!

Cleaned up the plants!

Cleaned up the plants!

And Raked the yard!

And raked the yard!

Finished product!

Finished product!…they even put up a clothes line!! 

I often tell the youth that Casafé is not mine, it is God’s…. It is a gift from God to us, so that we can grow closer to Him. He wants us to know Him more and grow in faith.

I told my roommate that I made a deal with the youth that they could surf early if they helped me clean after – she figures I got the good end of the deal, and maybe guess I did! The mission of Casafé is to empower the youth of the Jaco area to grow in their spiritual walk, develop life skills, and learn to live in healthy christian community. And although this time was not a planned event or a scheduled class, it was a time where we enjoyed one another fellowship, where we could use our skills to serve, and maybe learn some new ones. We “break bread” together and prayed together. And this was a time where the youth really can take ownership of this place that God has given us to grow!

This is what Casafé is all about.

And they love it!

After, they came back in the afternoon for an event and we all joked…
“Lisa, Casafé looks super nice and cleaned up!”
“Yeah, Lisa, the yard looks so good!”
“Thanks guys, some really nice people helped me out with it!!”

They take pride in their work! …and that is empowerment and gives them self-worth!



*The house/property we rent for Casafé is for sale. …It is my prayer too, that Casafé would not sell. I believe God has this place for ministry for a long time. Please be praying with me that we would be able to buy this place for Casafé in God’s perfect timing!

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