On Wednesdays we have a prayer time and a small Bible study. The youth are invited to come at 3 in the afternoon and hang out for a couple hours. Then at 5, after they have had a chance to get some energy out and eat a snack, we gather around the table, study a few verses and share prayer requests. This gives us a beautiful opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level, grow spiritually together, and to hear some of the things that are going on in each others lives, and in the lives of our families.

It warms my heart to hear the youth praying for me and my family, for people back home, or for other requests that I share. I also love to hear them praying for each other – a break from teasing one another, calling them names or just messing around – now they are lifting up their needs and desires to the only One that can truly fulfull them. And I know God hears every single prayer.

Prayer time at Casafe!

One of our first prayer times!

Our prayer times, and the request shared, also open a door for me to have follow up conversations with them one on one. For example, the other week one of the girls asked for prayer for some family problems. Later I was able to talk to her about what is going on at home and some of the things she was having to deal with. This is just a part of the discipleship we do here at Casafé.

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