Black Bean Soup

At Casafé we started the year off with English class! Becky, our favourite teacher (and only teacher – except when I fill in once in a while), taught the youth how to make Black Bean Soup!

The youth learned new words as they read the ingredients, and practiced using them as they had to ask someone to get them from me in the kitchen. They were eager to put the ingredients in the pot, stir it and be a part of the action…and they were even eager to cut the onions even though it made them tear up a bit. They enjoyed a bowl of soup before we went into prayer requests and wrapped up the class. (Some of the youth were quite dissapointed that there were no hard boiled eggs in the soup as that is a cultural norm here!)

Casafe - Englsih Class

English Class!

Starting the class with a Bible verse that correlates with the lesson, Becky does a great job of combining teaching the Bible, English, and life skills all at the same time! …oh, and the youth love it!

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