Family Dinner and Movie Night! 

Once a month we have a “family dinner” and watch a movie together. I make a list of food that we need for the meal and all the youth sign up to bring something – a few potatoes, a pack a tang, a couple carrots, etc. By them pitching in to buy the food it not only helps me cover some of the expenses, but also teaches the youth responsibility and empowers them to participate in a bigger way. 

The youth love to help cook!..and make a big mess. The kitchen usually ends up being a bit of a disaster….but it’s a beautiful disaster. 

One of my favorite parts is that they love to serve the food. Today one of the kids said that he wanted to help serve, and one of the girls quickly responded that she already offered to help. His responce to that was, “Don’t be so selfish!” Haha! I had to laugh to myself that they were ‘fighting’ about who would get to serve – that is not usually the case!! 

Some of the food that the youth brought!

Waiting for dinner!


It’s amazing how many people can fit in the living room!

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