Learning from the youth! 

I love to learn new things from my youth! …especially when it has to do with things you can eat 😉 The other day one of the guys took these coconuts that were beginning to grow and started hacking one open with a machete. In my mind I was wondering why he was destroying a plant, assumed that the coconut was probably bad by now, and wondered what he was going to find inside. On inquiry, he told me that you can eat the spunge part that is inside.  I was skeptical….but I know that they know more about these things than I do. After a little while of patient work getting into the coconut, he got it open and gave me a piece – turns out there is a spongy substance in the middle of the cocunut that is edible and tastes quite good with a little sugar or honey! The coconut inside was really delicous too because it was old it had lots of flavour and oil! 

Learn something new everyday! 

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