Thanks Paige

We were privileged to have Paige Guthrie come and serve with Casafé for just under 3 months. Paige was a huge blessing to the ministry of Casafé during her time here. She served whole heartedly and connected really well with the youth. Paige was a huge help with the regular Casafé events, from teaching English class, cleaning, caring for the dogs, to pouring into the youth. Those spur of the moment ministry opportnities when someone shows up at the gate, whether that meant a fun surf session with our beloved youthies, or making a sandwich for someone in need, Paige was always there to lend a helping had. She served with many behind the scenes things as well, and also wrote several posts for the blog. The recent advent posts are all her work!

Just before Christmas we had to say “see ya later” as Paige is now moving on to another season of her life – soon going back to university. Thank you Paige for giving of your time, energy, resources, and your heart to serve at Casafé and the community of Jacó! May God continue to bless you in this next step!

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