Soccer and Boogie boarding!


Today, with the help of the World Race team we had a little kids club with soccer and boogie boarding. One of the girls shared about God can be like a soccer coach – instead of teaching you how to play soccer God is teaching you how to live your life and guiding you in that. Simple but great. A lesson these kiddows can remember every time they place soccer!





Later for din din, one of the young adults from the community made the team dinner and we got to pay her for her work to help her out because she is having a hard time getting a job because of residency issues. It is great to have a blessing both ways. Blesses the team and blesses and empowers one individual from this community!


Chowing down on some delicious skewers with chicken and veggies! 🙂


We also got to put up a new sign for Casafé, that a couple of the girls from the World Race Team painted for us! (Thanks guys!)


New Casafé Sign

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1 Response to Soccer and Boogie boarding!

  1. mcwilly1 says:

    I think it is brilliant that whoever walks by can see the word ‘safe’ — in any culture, any country, it means a lot to know you can be safe !!!


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