Sharing and leading!

Today we had youth over and some of them shared their testimony with a short term mission team that is working with Sarah Barrett for the week. It was so cool to see them stepping up again and being the leaders in this situation. Just as they were leaders at camp last week, today they were leaders in sharing what God is doing in their lives. And after testimonies they also had the opportunity to give some surf lessons to the team. I love these youth!! All of the youth have walked through hard things, their stories are not easy, their childhoods were not easy. Sharing their testimony is not only to encourage others and bring glory to God, but also part of a healing process for them. For one of the guys, today was his first time sharing his story, but I am sure it was the first of many. God is doing so much healing in his life. 11739491_10153409927271280_741500399_n

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