More than a Life Guard Course

It’s been a few weeks since the Junior Life Guard Course we hosted for 11 of the Casafé youth and we’re still seeing the ripple effects. 

The course consisted of starting off with bread and coffee alongside a devotional. Then Marvin, the head Lifegaurd of Jaco, would take over and lead the youth through exercises and drills. And then we would end the day with some reflection of what was learned and enjoyed from the day. 



The thing is this, it was more than just a Lifegaurd course. Although there’s a huge benefit of the teens now being educated should there be an unfortunate event in the water; there were so many takeaways from the three days together. From the very moment the youth put on their “Junior Lifegaurd” tanks, there was a gained responsibility and empowerment wave that filled the air. They were proud of this new role and they paid astute attention to Marvin to their new responsibilities. Through the ways they were working hard, it was evident they could see the more they put into this course, the more they would get in return. The comradery of the teens was also strengthened as they carried one another out of the water during drills, as they ran the beaches together, as they cleaned each other’s plates, as they endured the long days and as they were awarded their certificates at church the following Sunday. 


It’s an understatement to say we were encouraged and proud of their accomplishment. They’ve continued to lean into the lessons learned and walk in their achievement. As they still continue to practice their skills even when they have free time on the beach, smiles reach across their faces. It’s so fun to imagine that there’s so much more they will accomplish and conquer. 

We want to say a special thanks to those who helped put on the course. To the meals prepared for lunches, to the donations made, to prayers continually prayed and to the applause made to the youth as they were given their certificates! 

Post written by Katie Allen

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