Safe spaces, joyful places, and growth.

Hannah Kenny, a friend of Katie Allen, has also come to Casafé to serve with us until the end of March! She has been a great help and connected well with the youth here quickly. She lived in Spain for 9 months and the language she learned there has helped her assimilate quickly. The three of us have had many laughs together and I really enjoy serving with them here at Casafé. Here are some of her thoughts…

I am by no means a writer so please be gracious with me as I try to communicate my thoughts and feelings. Don’t expect any mind blowing spiritual truths, I’ll leave those to C.S Lewis and Bonnhoeffer.

I have had the pleasure of being here at Casafé for three weeks now. It’s been a whirlwind and I’ve been able to be involved with English classes, laughs, prayer, surfing, kids club, futbol, leadership training, and much more. There is truly something special about this place and the people in it. Maybe it’s because they are truly trying to live out the words of Jesus by caring for the fatherless and marginalized here in the Jaco community. I’ve only been here for three weeks now and I’ve already grown to love so many of the youth and the people in this community- it’s truly captivating.

Casafe, and all that they are doing, makes it easy to come alongside them and believe in the work they are doing. For me some of the most beautiful moments in the past few weeks have not only been in participating in the classes and activities here, but have also been in sitting back and observing the community here at Casafe.

I see a space where the kids of Jaco can be kids. Casafe is a place where the youth can laugh, play, and have fun. I also see a safe place. Many of the youth that come to Casafe don’t have safe homes to go home to, but it is incredible to see how safe and at peace they feel here. I see a place that challenges the youth to grow. Whether it’s growth in their English skills or leadership skills, the community at Casafe continually challenges the teens to grow into the people that God created them to be.

A safe place. A place of joy. A place to grow. These might seem like small things, but they almost bring tears to my eyes as I write about them. I am so thankful for Casafe and the youth of Jaco in it who are teaching me more about what it means to walk out the gospel on a daily basis. I’ve only been here a few weeks and I’m excited to listen and learn more from them along the way. It makes me ask myself if I am encouraging peace, joy, and growth in the communities that I am in. Are you in community that encourages those things? How can you encourage peace, joy, and growth to your neighbors and the people that you encounter daily?

Whether you support Casafe through prayer, financially, or by giving your time I just want to say thank you. Your prayers and efforts have helped to create opportunities to make this a safe space, a place of joy, and a place where we can encourage the youth to be all they can be. We always have needs here at Casafe and we would be grateful if you would continue to pray for and to ask Lisa about what she might need for the youth.

I have already been personally impacted by your prayerful support and I’m thankful for that. We will never know the ripple effects of our kindness and love as we try to live out the gospel. I know that these aren’t crazy revolutionary thoughts, but maybe it’s the simple things that are the most profound sometimes.

Safe spaces, joyful places, and space for growth.

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