Thanks Becky!

This month we had to say goodbye to Becky Bell (and her family) who has served faithfully at Casafé as our English class teacher for a little over 3 years! Becky always came up with creative classes for the youth that were interesting and interactive, and not only taught the youth English, but also incorporated teaching the Word and life skills. Starting the class with a Bible verse and teaching on a topic of either cooking, geography, money management, or nutrition the youth received more than an English class – they received a mini Bible study and life skills teaching too!

Thank you Becky for your faithfulness, patience and consistency. And thank you for your genuine care, many prayers and support for the youth and the ministry of Casafé! We will miss you, but are so thankful for all you have invested in Casafé!


One of the first English Classes Becky taught in 2015.


A FULL class!


Teaching on Money!


Starting the class with a Bible verse.


Our last time with Becky.

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