Buy a Brick!

Hey! Do you want to “Buy a Brick” for Casafé?

In the spring we got this awesome roof put up in front of Casafé with the help of a short-term team! It has been a huge blessings as it creates more dry and shady space to use with the youth.


We had to take out the vegetation that was growing alongside the wall. We never completely finished this part of the project. Just this week we finally got a gutter put up to keep the water out of that area. But we also want to fill in the area with paving stones and paint the wall.


To fund this project in a creative way, we want to give you the opportunity to be involved! You can sponsor a brick and we will write your name on it! 1 brick = $1! You could buy one or two or more! We need 350 in total. It will not only cover the cost of the brick, but also paint for the wall and a pipe for the downspout.
If you would like to support Casafé in this way you can comment below, or send an email, and let us know how many bricks you would like to provide!
Thanks for your consideration!  

You can go to the Giving page to donate.

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