Today we had our first day open specifically for the youth that are 15 years old or older. We have found that because of the big age range (12-20) the older you get bored and don’t want to hang out with the little guys. They lose interest, and we lose their attendance. So we decided to have an afternoon open for just the older ones.

We have similar activities- free time and Bible Study – just like on Wednesdays with the whole crew. But we’ve added a light dinner too – which is much easier to do with a smaller group and the older youth. And is always a great way of building community!

We are having different people from the local Church – Iglesia Radical – teach the Bible Study (on rotation) going through the gospel of John. This is a great way to keep the connection stong between Casafé and the local Church – which is always our goal – to introduce the youth to body of Christ and get them plugged in, and a part of, the greater Chriatan community!

We am excited for all that God has in store for this time with these youth. Please pray for us as we go forward with this – empowering, discipling, and building community with these youth in this dark place.

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