Thank You Rodney!

Rodney and Laura Andrew and their 3 kids, have been serving as missionaries here in Jacó for the last few years. During these years Rodney has been serving faithfully at Casafé on a weekly/biweekly basis. This month we had to say goodbye to them as they moved back to the US.

Rondey led devotionals, surfed with the youth, built relationships with them and discipled them both at Casafé and outside of Casafé. Rondey had great patience with the youth here and always had a passion to share the gopel with them any time he could!

Thank you Rodney (and family) for giving of your time, energy and service to bless the youth through the ministry of Casafé! You have been a huge support to Casafé and you will be missed. May God bless you all in this new season of your life!




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