Crazy Times!

Casafé has been closed for over a month now due to Covid-19 restrictions and conerns. The beach has been closed, (the borders are closed), big gatherings are prohibited, and many shops are still closed too. During this time, our team has kept in contact with the youth through text messages, phone calls, and a few visits. We have shared with them devotionals and sermons the local Church has been doing online, and have send devos from our team too.

Of course the youth are itching for Casafé to open again! We will begin to do things in small groups as they ease off the stringent restrictions. And I look forward to be able to surf in small groups when they open up the beach – which, as I understand, they will be doing gradually quite soon. (This will be good for our health in many ways!)

For myself, in these crazy times, it has been a time to be able to check a bunch of things off of my never ending “to do” list and get some small maintenance projects done around the house. (That I can never seem to find time to do while things are running full speed.)

Below I was fixing up some of the razor wire around the property.

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