What’s New at Casafé?

What’s new at Casafé? Well, first off we have Ángela working with us now! Ángela is Costa Rican and has lived in Jaco for 18 years now. She is a surfer and has competed on a national level. She loves to teach surfing and has a passion for God. We are happy to have her join the Casafé team!

There has been a lot of uncertainty with things here concerning restrictions and Covid-19, so for now we have been doing just a few small activities in very small groups. And of course doing our best to stay in contact with the youth via messages or home visits. And we are staying attentive to new needs as they arise. This is a hard time for many, not just physically and financially, but also emotionally and spiritually, and we are making an effort to continue to support the youth in this time.

The beach is only open for a few hours in the morning these days, but we have taken advantage of the days with good high tide for surfing to enjoy the waves.

Here is Ángela teaching one of the younger girls to surf on our new longboard (that we haven’t had much of a chance to use yet!)

We also installed a sink outside so that everyone can wash their hands as soon as they get here! This has also proved to be an asset when working outside.

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1 Response to What’s New at Casafé?

  1. Britt Nelson says:

    Casa Fe means so much to so many in need. Lisa Postma is a gift.


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